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"Professional Service...                      

Personal Commitment "

  • We meet with you on location "at no charge" to assess what it takes to conduct the best sale possible.
  • The sale is set up over a three to five day period.  We provide display tables, organize and price items for sale.
  • The sale is conducted over a 2 day period (3 for larger estates) . If necessary we will call and obtain proper permits and set up directional traffic signs.
  • We place advertising promotions: newspaper ads, Craigslist, website posting with photos, email notices, and personal alerts.
  • Experienced staffing works hard for you; working the floor,answering questions, making sales, being helpful.
  • Unique, Special touches, set us apart from the others.


  • Itemized list of items sold included with your payment 1 week after sale.

  • Some items that are not sold may be donated to charity; we can make the appointment and arrange for any pick up.
  • Any hauling of debris is your responsibility; however we can make all the arrangements.