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Debris Removal

After the Sale

Debris removal costs are the responsibility of the client. We can arrange to have the debris removed for you. The debris removal service we use charges approx $600-$700 for 18 cubic feet of removal. We will provide you with the receipt from the debris removal company after the sale.  They will not remove toxic chemicals or paint.

Once the last of the debris is removed we leave all properties broom swept. 

Often times there are items left unsold.  We are in contact with varies charities, so before anything is disposed of we do our best to try and donate the leftover items to charity.  However, charities have become very selective on items they will take.  Most will not take any electrical items (TV's Radio's Etc.) Also, they will not take sofa's, mattresses, or daybeds.  The items they do accept must be in good condition.